What Is A Takedown Pin Detent?

What Is A Takedown Pin Detent?

A takedown pin detent is a small part that helps keep the takedown pin in place on an AR-15. The detent is a small metal spring that sits in a notch on the lower receiver. When the takedown pin is pushed in, the detent pops out and allows the pin to be removed.

The detent keeps the pin from being accidentally bumped and falling out, which could cause the rifle to malfunction.

A takedown pin detent is a small, cylindrical piece of metal that is inserted into the lower receiver of an AR-15-style rifle. The detent provides resistance to the forward and rearward movement of the takedown pin, keeping it in place until pressure is applied to release it.

Install the Front Takedown Detent the Easy Way On Your AR15 Lower


What is a Takedown Pin Detent Spring

A takedown pin detent spring is a small, coiled spring that is located in the lower receiver of an AR-15 style rifle. The purpose of the spring is to keep the takedown pins in place so that they do not inadvertently come out during operation of the firearm. The springs are also responsible for providing the “click” sound when the pins are properly engaged.


What is the Purpose of the Detent Spring?

When it comes to door hardware, the detent spring is an important piece that helps keep the door open or closed. This type of spring is also known as a tension spring, and its main purpose is to provide resistance so that the door can stay in either position. Without a detent spring, doors would be constantly swinging open or shut due to gravity or a breeze.

Detent springs are usually installed on both sides of the door near the hinges. They typically have a small hook or notch that catches on the frame when the door is closed, which keeps tension on the spring and allows the door to stay shut. When opening the door, you must first release this tension by unhooking the detent before you can swing the door open.

What is a Takedown Pin on an Ar15?

A takedown pin is a small metal pin that holds the upper and lower halves of an AR15 together. The pin is located on the left side of the receiver, just above the magazine release button. The takedown pin also serves as a safety device, preventing the gun from being fired if it is not properly assembled.

To take the gun apart, simply push out the takedown pin with your finger and then pull the upper and lower halves apart. To put the gun back together, line up the holes in the upper and lower receivers and insert the takedown pin.

What are Ar15 Detents Made Of?

AR15 detents are small, spring-loaded pins that fit into notches on the receiver to keep certain parts in place. The most common use for them is to hold the bolt carrier group (BCG) in the proper position within the upper receiver. AR15s have two different types of detents: push pins and captive pins.

Push pins are held in place by friction and can be removed with a simple push of a finger or thumb. Captive pins, on the other hand, are spring-loaded and require a special tool (usually an allen wrench) to remove. Detents are typically made from steel, but some aftermarket companies offer them in aluminum or other materials.

What is a Pivot Pin Used For?

A pivot pin is a type of fastener used to join two pieces of material together. It is basically a nail with a head that has been bent at a 90 degree angle. The shank of the pivot pin is inserted through holes in the two pieces of material to be joined, and the head of the pin holds everything in place.

Pivot pins are commonly used in woodworking and metalworking applications. They can be used to join two pieces of wood together, or to connect a piece of metal to another piece of metal. Pivot pins are also sometimes used in masonry applications, where they can be used to hold bricks or other types of stone in place.

One advantage of using pivot pins is that they are relatively easy to remove and replace. This makes them ideal for applications where parts need to be disassembled frequently, such as in machinery that needs to be serviced regularly. Another advantage of pivot pins is that they can provide a strong joint between two pieces of material.


A takedown pin detent is a small, cylindrical piece of metal that sits in the hole of a gun’s receiver. The purpose of the detent is to keep the takedown pin in place and prevent it from moving around or falling out.


What Is A Takedown Pin Detent?
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