What Do Moonshiners Stick In The Pipe?

What Do Moonshiners Stick In The Pipe?

Moonshiners have been around for centuries, making their own alcohol in the backwoods of America. moonshine is any type of alcohol that is made illegally without government taxes being paid on it. Moonshiners usually make their alcohol from corn, and it is often called “white lightning” or “mountain dew.”

What do moonshiners stick in the pipe? In order to distill their alcohol, moonshiners need to use a still. Stills can be made out of many different materials, but copper is the most popular choice because it doesn’t corrode easily and it’s a good conductor of heat.

The still needs to be heated in order to boil the liquid inside of it, and this is where the pipe comes in. The pipe helps to circulate the heat evenly so that the liquid boils evenly and doesn’t burn.

Moonshiners have been around since the days of American independence. They make their liquor in secret, using homemade stills, and it’s often said that they’ll put anything in the pipe to get their moonshine to flow. So, what do moonshiners stick in the pipe?

Well, just about anything! Some common ingredients include cornmeal, sugar, yeast, and potatoes. But really, anything that will ferment can be used.

Moonshiners have even been known to use old shoes or dead animals! Of course, not all moonshiners are created equal. There are those who take pride in their craft and produce a high-quality product.

And then there are those who just want to get drunk as quickly as possible and don’t care what goes into the mix. So if you’re ever offered a swig of moonshine, be sure to ask what’s in it first. You might be surprised at what you find out!

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What is the Stick at the End of a Moonshine Still?

The stick at the end of a moonshine still is called the “cap.” It’s used to help release the pressure that builds up during distillation. The cap has a hole in it so that when the pressure gets too high, the vapors can escape and prevent the still from exploding.

What is the Worm in Moonshine?

Moonshine is an alcoholic beverage that is typically made by distilling corn mash. The term “worm” in moonshine refers to the presence of a small, segmented creature called a distillation worm, which is also known as a still worm or snakeshead. This creature is often found in the condenser of a moonshine still and is thought to help with the distillation process.

While the exact role of the worm in moonshine production is not fully understood, it is generally believed that it helps to remove impurities from the alcohol.

Why Do Moonshiners Use Copper?

Moonshiners have been using copper to make their shine for centuries. There are a few reasons for this: 1. Copper is a great conductor of heat, which is important when you’re trying to distill alcohol.

2. It’s also very durable, so it can withstand the high temperatures and pressures involved in distillation. 3. Copper is relatively inexpensive, so it’s a good choice for moonshiners who want to keep their costs down. 4. Finally, copper has a natural patina that gives it a beautiful sheen over time.

This makes Moonshine made in copper stills especially attractive to collectors and connoisseurs.

What is Bead in Moonshine?

Bead in moonshine is a term used to describe the formation of bubbles in the alcohol during the distillation process. The bubbles are created by the heat of the boiling alcohol and they rise to the surface, where they form a “bead” or “ring” around the edge of the container. This ring is an indication that the moonshine is properly distilled and has a high alcohol content.


Moonshine Drip Stick

If you’re interested in making your own moonshine, one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need is a drip stick. This simple tool allows you to control the flow of moonshine from the still to your container, and it’s an essential part of the distilling process. There are a few different types of drip sticks available on the market, but they all serve the same basic purpose.

The most important thing to look for in a drip stick is that it has a small hole at the end, which will allow for a slow and steady drip. You don’t want your moonshine coming out too quickly, as this can cause it to become diluted or even spoiled. When using a drip stick, simply insert it into the spout of your still and allow the moonshine to slowly trickle into your container.

Be sure to keep an eye on the level of liquid in both containers so that you don’t overflow anything. And once you’ve got your desired amount of moonshine, simply remove the drip stick and enjoy!


The post begins by discussing the various methods that moonshiners use to transport their product. This includes hiding it in false bottoms of cars and trucks, as well as hollowed-out sections of trees. The author then goes on to discuss the different ways that moonshiners will try to avoid detection by law enforcement.

This includes using camouflage and setting up false trails. Finally, the author describes how moonshiners will often use a pipe to smoke their product. This is done by packing the pipe with tobacco and then adding the moonshine.


What Do Moonshiners Stick In The Pipe?
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